Brad Reifler Does More Than Just Review Money Monster

Kyle Budwell is the main character in Money Monster, a movie whose premise centers on an epic stock market investment failure. He blames stock investor television show host, Lee Gates, for very bad investment advice. In the middle of one of Gates’ live broadcasts of his show, he is violently taken hostage by Budwell. He threatens to destroy the entire studio with explosives he is carrying. Budwell is enraged at the penury injustice he claims was visited on him by Gates, and further, he seems obsessed with his plan to kill everyone.

The film is highly rated as a very realistic view of the actual problems that many financial analysts now agree are becoming a big problem, especially for the middle-income, smaller fish. Gates is stretched quite thin while struggling to calmly negotiate freedom from the crazed Budwell. The problems with smaller investors being effectively blocked from the really big investments are actually now, finally, being addressed by forward thinkers like Brad Reifler.

Reifler has come up against the Wall Street restrictions that the old-money cronies have hedged up to keep the sweetest deals for themselves. Their world has always been kept to the exclusive area of the elite super rich. When he got just how far it has gone, he became immediately interested in helping the middle-class grow through the most lucrative opportunities available. There are some warnings he gives all his clients, all of which he’s provided on Twitter before. Here are the key three:

  • Traditionally, smaller investors are not allowed access to accredited larger investments.
  • Stock brokers always charge too much.
  • The stocks that are correlated to the stock market are all small investors have access to.

When Reifler started Forefront Capital, his mission statement was basically the complete opposition to these artificial, and discriminatory investment restrictions. Forefront is focused on helping Middle America successfully save investment returns for everyone’s retirement. His company charges no management fees and never offers stocks that are simply correlated into the stock market.  Read more about them on, and be sure to check out where he’s going next by following his career on LinkedIn.

Swiss Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a current entrepreneur who is the founder of the company Swiss Start up Factory. The company he founded specializes in helping businesses get the resources necessary to get established. Before Mike was an entrepreneur he was in the banking industry where he would work with a number of businesses reach their goals. For twenty years Baur was in the banking industry and was therefore able to get a lot of exposure of how businesses operate as well as what they need in order to reach their potential. While his experience in banking was a fulfilling one, Baur decided to become an entrepreneur in order to reach his own potential. Therefore Mike Baur is now running one of the more unique and profitable businesses in Switzerland.

For the first twenty years of his career Mike Baur worked in the banking industry. During his time working in the banking industry, Baur would meet with businesspeople and help them achieve their goals. Mike would talk to entrepreneurs and executives and listen to what they were looking to accomplish. He would then help businesses by evaluating their profitability potential as well as what financial resources they needed in order to start up and/or expand. With this experience, Mike would then come up with his plan to start up a company that offered this very assistance to a number of businesses in Switzerland.

After he worked in the banking industry, Mike would then found his own company called Swiss Start Up Factory. With this company he adopted one of the more unique business models in the world. This business holds an event similar to a contest in which a number of start up companies pitch their ideas to Mike and his company. During this event, Mike decides which business has the best potential and chooses to work with them. Once he begins working with them he will offer guidance, advice and financial assistance to help them achieve their objectives. With this unique business model, Baur and Swiss Start up Factory offer a viable alternative to traditional business banking services.

With his company Swiss Start up Factory Mike Baur has established himself as a leading entrepreneur in Switzerland. His experience in banking has helped him put together a business that will provide lots of assistance and resources for numerous businesses in the country. Therefore Baur and his company have helped shape the Swiss economy.

Danilo Diaz Granados Toys For Boys Party Is A Rousing Success

The Toys for Boys event recently held in downtown Miami was a phenomenal success. Hosted by Danilo Diaz Granados, many of the most affluent and influential people in the city attended.

Granados pulled out all the stops, and the soiree went off without a hitch. The event featured many fun-filled activities including helicopter rides, great food, rivers of Dom Perignon and a moonlit boat ride. Since the event’s inception in 2013, Granados has spared no expense.

“I wanted to make this an experience of a lifetime,” said Granados on his Twitter. “Now the most affluent men in the area have a place to explore the most extravagant products. The hand-picked guest were treated to an intimate breakfast and a private preview of an upscale building due for construction.

The goal of the Toys for Boys Event is to offer select participants a taste of the upscale Miami lifestyle.

The 30 minute helicopter ride seemed to be the highlight of the event. Granados joined his guest on a ride to the local Palm Beach Race Track. Each man got a chance to man the wheel and take a spin around the track. The event followed up with a lunch at the River Yacht Club. At the end of the day, the men went on a sunset boat cruise along the Miami River.

The event was a great success, according to party goers. Granados says he will have another event in a few months. “We will introduce new toys and have a great time like before.”.  Be sure to follow him on Google +.

Sam Tabar Adversely Speaks Out On Law & Success

Sam Tabar understands how hard it is to become a legal professional. He admits in a recent article on PRN Newswire that getting your foot in the door can be even harder. Tabar is currently based in New York and proudly working for Full Cycle Fund. He has worked diligently to secure professional relationships that will produce results for his clients in the legal field. He contributes his success to working hard at pleasing his clients in all aspects of his work. He has worked hard for his position out of love for his work and the need to assist his clients. His clients have said he is a leader in excellency in the legal profession.

Tabar is also working with other businesses to help the development of their growth including Sparx Group, Skadden, and Slater to name a few. At Sparx he led the way as Co-Head of Business Development as director by tuning their business practices with the expertise of his experience and legal professionalism. He also used this as a time to further his experience in corporate networking and professional growth. He has even worked with the Bank Of America Merrill Lynch. He worked in the Asia-Pacific Region.

As a capital strategist, Sam Tabar he was directly involved with organization development. Furthermore, when he decided to get back in the legal field he decided to go with the established firm of Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP working with hedge funds and compliance issues. Tabar also works in several other aspects of the law for his current firm. A need to continue his work in the legal field brought him back and he also wanted to further his legal experience. Sam Tabar also worked as a Senior Associate for the firm. He is dedicated in helping people and making sure they get the direct attention that they require. He is known as one of the best in the industry because of his amazing work for the firm and helping his clients. He is also an amateur photographer and even posts his work.  Find him on Twitter @SamirTabar.