Amazon Now Featuring Fabletics Fine Athleisure Wear

Amazon is now featuring Fabletics fine athleisure wear. As always, this fashion label is highly affordable and well made. Customers that try these fashions are awed by the selection of beautiful designs. Unlike ugly sweatsuits from a few years back, Fabletics markets a stunning collection of casual wear outfits suitable for dance classes, bike rides, marathon runs or shopping the local bakery when all that exercise makes one hungry. These gorgeous fashions are fantastic looking when worn, and women feel comfortable being seen at their children’s teacher’s conferences, running weekly errands and even walking along the streets where everyone will admire their stunning attire.


Since this company started in 2015, it has always done business a bit differently than most. Take their patented reverse showroom technique. They don’t just dress up a mannequin in expensive clothes, they take their cues from those customers that will be buying their wares. They input all data onto a specialized computer format that keeps tabs on customer purchase preferences, daily customer shopping habits, best selling designs, customer review information and other such data. In addition, Fabletics developed a strategic Lifestyle Quiz as a way for women to learn how to shop better by buying their true size, their best colors and correct clothing choices that compliments their figures.


This data is also used to tell the staff how the inventory is selling. Since computers are always awake, they can alert differences in customer buying interests sooner than a person could. This reverse showroom is rewarding Fabletics with lots of increased profits and less unused stock. Kate Hudson is the glowing face that represents the ultimate women on the go. As an almost famous actress, she jokes, she now has made her mark in Fabletics role as co-founder. Kate is beloved by many, and ladies trust her instinctive style that always seems right on the money. Speaking of money, while Kate requires high end materials and expertise workmanship, she also has to make these fashions affordable to the average lady living in your town.


Affordable fashions that feel like they were made for royalty is a rarity these days when many fashion retailers are apt to cut corners. Kate never does, yet she and her coworkers manage to turn out awesome styles of athletic gear that women love to pull on. They often don’t even take them off for nights spent with friends or family.