An Advanced Leap Into Training The Brain To Overcome Depression

The most important factor in dealing with depression is to understand the cause and influences that can cause depression. Every case of depression is individual based and cannot be clumped into any particular group. Therefore, at Neurocore, everyone is an individual, and the cause and treatment of depression are treated on an individual basis.

Understanding the cause of depression, the health of the patient, lifestyle and other influences contributing to the depression state are vital to improving the mental health and resolving depression.

Neurocore performs a variety of treatments designed to treat individuals according to their physical and mental conditions.

Neurocore and the Healthy Brain At Neurocore they treat the entire patient by understanding the depth of the cause of depression and retraining the brain to recognize the symptoms and react properly. The brain functions at various speeds and with brain exercises the brain can be taught to be more productive and improve performance.

Combined Neurofeedback and Heart Rate This is a nonpharmaceutical intervention used in the treatment of depression and anxiety.

Neuroscience is not based on symptoms and behaviors alone. The program is also built on real brain data, and many of our patients have proven brain performance and significant relief from depression. The patient is taught to take control of the symptoms and develop positive feedback while retraining the brain to recognize situations and activities that trigger particular reactions causing depression.

Causes of depression will vary from suffering from low-self-esteem, extreme sadness, and that lasts for at least 2-weeks or more. Symptoms that are present on a daily basis can usually reach a level of depression categorized as a Major Depressive Disorder. Seasons in the calendar can also cause depression. People who live far north will experience gloomy moods because of the long winter seasons, along with people who live in extreme rainy conditions. Add other situational trauma, and you can experience depressive conditions.

Neurocore encompasses all the surrounding circumstances into the causes and treatments of depression, thus treating every patient as an individual with treatment individualized to treat and retrain the brain.

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