Karl Heideck opinion on the recent car seats law in Pennsylvania

One of the occurrences that have been worrying the members of the commonwealth recently is the number of deaths of little children in car accidents. Statistics shows that there has been an increase in deaths of innocent children due to careless driving by some divers. Car accidents have particularly caused deaths to numerous children, and this has been a matter of concern. The state of Pennsylvania is one of the states in the united states that have adopted a new law that seeks to address the problems that are being seen in the transport industry. To address this problem, they first decided to start with enacting a law that will ensure that the safety of the child inside a car is enhanced. The first law that was passed is known as the car seat law. This is a law that regulates how children sit inside a car.

The car seat law was passed in 2016 but only came into effect in 2017 after a grace period of one year elapsed. The law is now in full force and those who do not comply with it risk being charged in a court of law or fined. Law enforcers have been in the last one year sensitizing people on the importance of observing the law before they are fully legal.

The car seat law requires car owners and drivers to have special seats for children of under two years. According to the law, children under two years should be secured in car seats that face towards the rear of the vehicle; there is a scientific research towards this action. Research was done that showed that the rear-facing sitting position protects the child in case of an accident better than when facing towards the front. When facing backward, it is not easy to break the bones of the child. Car owners and drivers that do not obey the law are to be charged a fine of 125 dollars.

The law also has a provision for children of less than eight years. It states that for under eight years old children, they should sit on secured booster seats.

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