Eva Moskowitz and Charter Schools Success Journey

After a very extensive dispute in court, other charter schools and Success Academy emerged victorious in the case. This case was giants New York managing pre-kindergarten curriculum in charter schools. Since the downfall of Success Academy in 2015, this was the first win for charter schools. Success Academy had already kicked started the offering of the pre-kindergarten curriculum. New York City proclaimed that these programs would aid in the provision of constant quality services among pre-kindergarten. In contrary Success said that it was an infringement of the laws in the Constitution. After the win, Eva Moskowitz said that the city should then comply with the law.


Eva Moskowitz then went ahead to write that she had met the president of United States of America, Mr. Trump. She also took a bold step of also allowing Paul Ryan who is a speaker to run over and inspect the schools she runs. Eva who is Democrat took a different route by working with the Independents to better educational services. With the bipartisan approach, she has worked with Barrack Obama, Andrew M. Cuomo, and Michael Bloomberg. She offered a free pass for any affiliate in the political party to visit her schools. Eva also told President Trump that she was not interested in the seat for Education Secretary. Small meeting that is held by Republicans has been falsely reported as the group picking sides.


Eva Moskowitz is the one who founded Success Academy Charter Schools and is the Chief Executive Officer. The development of new school design and system show that the system can be practiced nationwide. Lots of things are done in a different manner including Mathematical problems and operation of finances in the schools. Eva Moskowitz chatter connection was able to collect more than $35 million in the 2016 fund raiser.