Lime Crime Invites You to Express Some Dark Magic with New Hair Dyes

Like most Lime Crime fans, I wait with baited breath for their rare new product rollouts. The company is incredibly specific on what products they will offer. As their internal team says, “if we aren’t obsessed with it, we simply won’t sell it!” That is why I was so excited to hear that the cosmetics company is expanding its Unicorn Hair Collection to the darker side this winter.

The company is adding four additional shades to its famous Unicorn Hair Collection. Unlike the traditional Unicorns of these semi-permanent hair dyes that are bright and bubbly colors like blues, purple and orange, these four new additions will be a bit darker in nature.

The four new colors have been said to be meant for brunettes or women with generally darker hair. The colors are as a deep maroon Chestnut, a decadent purple called Squid, a frosty, deep gray called Charcoal and a rich dark green called Sea Witch. As usual for the brand, the naming of the colors is as unique as the colors themselves.

Lime Crime’s ultimate goal is to give women the tools to express themselves through cosmetics and now (thankfully) a line of hair products. While the original rainbow shades are absolutely wonderful, the new darker shades are perfect for winter months. The new shades of the Unicorn Hair Collection are purposefully dark, adding to a traditional “goth” look.

Lime Crime has never been afraid to bring back old beauty trends as well as pioneer new trends. Their Unicorn line of lipsticks was once a fringe line, used by people who wanted to utilize their face as a canvas for expression. Today, the Lime Crime lipsticks have gone incredibly mainstream. Women everywhere are sporting everything from deep blues to their famous candy red lipstick.

The brand has been doing several throwback looks lately, including its release of a line of eyeshadow palettes called Pocket Candy Palettes. These gorgeous little five-shade palettes are designed to look just like the 1990’s favorite toy, the Polly Pocket. Their fun and bright candy-colored shells bring us all back to the ’90s.

The rollout of these four new shades of semi-permanent hair color is currently in process. The focus of these colors is to highlight (dark) magic. Anyone who wishes to have their tresses shine with the dark magic of Lime Crime can visit their website to learn more about the latest launch!