Talkspace and their therapy program

The smartphones that we have are making our lives more convenient. You can watch live streams, be active on social media and check your bank statements. Now with Talk space, you have an entire therapy session at your fingertips. A South Korean study points to that 10% of teens are at risk of depression. Maybe this is due to the fact that they are able to see things that can’t achieve or know are unreachable. There are problems with therapy studios, strict minute restrictions and going there every session to make sure that the Therapist learns who you are. Talk Space as an app makes the process a little bit more streamlined. The Talkspace Company claims have over 500,000 users which means the service although new, has some credibility. They have over 1,000 professionals to attend to you. They recently had a partnership with Magellan health, this will allow their employees to have an automatic Talkspace membership.

Talkspace has been given 3.7 points on They also have many benefits. This a includes a 401K retirement plan that is built to make sure that when you stop working, you will be able to live comfortably. They have multiple positions including, a software engineer, senior software manager, customer service associate, and Counselor/Clinical social worker.

They periodically release new blogs that are determined to promoting health. A new one is titled, “How to cure an emotional hangover”. There are also social posts. Another one is titled “How to stop office gossip- especially if you’re the target”.

Talkspace is an app determined to promoting the mental health in a modern society. Their app has benefits over other real-life therapy studios and can makes sure that you can talk to 1,000 professionals. If you would like to join Talkspace, just know that there are positions available.