How Waiakea Water Won the Hearts of Buyers

Nobody could have predicted that the bottled water could become a multi-billion industry. The idea of packaging water in a plastic bottle could have been easily dismissed back in the day but today manufacturers are fighting for a chunk of the market. Water bottling companies need to be innovative when branding and packaging their water so at to attract more clientele. Waiakea Water, a Hawaiian based water bottling company, is fast transforming the water bottling scene. The firm enjoys 170% growth rate despite competing in the cut-throat water bottling market. Many companies are trying to come up with better taglines, but they cannot match Waiakea Water.

Waiakea Water unique volcanic filtered water contains a unique blend of minerals and electrolytes sufficiently hydrating the body. The unique filtration process is what has won the hearts of many buyers. The company found a way of tapping into Hawaii’s vibrant ecosystem and harnessing water running 14,000 feet deep in the volcanic rock. Their volcanic water tagline is what makes Waiakea Water stand out. True to their theory the water has a nourishing factor and buyers get the best out of nature. The volcanic filtration process is mother natures best gift and Hawai harbors tons of volcanic ridges deep in the sea. The bottled water business is health conscious, and volcanic filtered contains a unique blend of minerals vital for your health. Waiakea scientists ensure that their water isn’t compromised by toxins by conducting massive tests on their bottled goodness. Visit to know more.

The company encourages its consumers to drink ethically and maintains a deep connection with the Hawaiian culture. Modern brands emphasize on taking care of our planet. Plastic water bottles contribute significantly to environmental degradation. Plastic isn’t biodegradable, and when dumped it irregularly it contributes to the destruction of our surroundings. Waiakea Water 8, on the other hand, promotes a healthy plastic water bottle disposal culture and emphasizes on recycling. Governments spend billions on wastage management, and Waiakea Water took the moral responsibility of encouraging recycling. The company can brag about having a 100% recycled water bottles. Recycling plastic bottles were uncommon compared to glass bottles. Waiakea maintains a profound social responsibility by providing free water access by donating to African communities having little water access. Companies bear the social responsibility of improving living standards across the globe. Visit BevNet to know more.

Waiakea promotes the Hawaiian culture. This is another crucial factor to the success of the company. The company’s name is Hawaiian for “broad waters.” Buyers feel that they are a piece of Hawaii by purchasing a bottle of Waiakea water. When it comes to branding consumers, want to be part of something or support an ordinary course. This is has made the company quite successful and stood out from its competition. Waiakea water can be found in nearly 2000 stores in the U.S and is available in over 30 states. This shows branding can be a powerful tool despite competing in a crowded market. Its unique water bottle design helps the company stand out from its competitions. Buyers can easily distinguish the brand without struggling to read the contents printed on the water bottle.

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