Towering Legacy: Louis Chenevert & UTC

Few businessmen can claim to be as successful as Louis Chenevert, and even fewer actually are. At 6’6″, Chenevert is a titan of manufacturing both in physical presence and professional legacy; a towering figure with a magnetic personality. Simply put, Louis Chenevert has achieved the kind of life–personally and professionaly–that every business school grad dreams of having.

After 14 years of rising through the ranks in the trenches of General Motors, Chenevert received an enticing offer from Pratt & Whitney and within six years became Vice President of Operations. In 2006, Louis Chenevert was offered the position of director, president and chief operations officer of United Technologies Corp. Over the next four years, Chenevert would also serve as CEO and chairman of the board of UTC. After retiring, Louis served on a host of boards and business committees, lending his professional savvy and personal integrity to a variety of professional causes. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Daily Forex Report.

While Louis has a lot to be proud of, his professional success runs much deeper than his resume. In 77 years, UTC has never missed a divident payment, despite being headquartered in the expensive northeast sector of the United States. Between 2003 and 2013–which saw Louis Chenevert’s tenure in a variety of c-suite positions–shareholder value in UTC grew at double the S&P. What readers may not see in that sentence is this: Louis Chenevert took the reins when the Recession was at it’s worst, and UTC shares were trading at a low of $37. Chenevert applied his typical determination and leadership and launched UTC on a trajectory of growth and value that saw shares trading at $85 by April of 2011 (UTX has continued to run bullish and as of writing was over $120/share). Read more on

Louis Chenevert also rejected the massive outsourcing and offshoring that many North American-based companies have engaged in. Contrarily, UTC stayed based in Connecticut, and even increased their dividend payout 10% in 2013. It’s clear to this writer than when Louis Chenevert takes the wheel of a company–no matter what market or geo-financial conditions are–that company has a lot of success to look forward to.

David Giertz On Matters Social Security Checks

David Giertz happens to be one of the most respected financial advisers of this generation. He heads the Nationwide Financial sales and distributions company. The firm offers business services ranging from financial advisory, investment plans, and insurance plans. NFS is trusted to deliver informed investment advice to their clients primarily in the stocks, bonds and securities markets. David Giertz gets the job done; this has gradually led to his success. On many occasions, he has surpassed his annual targets at the company.

David Giertz’s experience in the financial sphere stems from the three decades he has spent in the industry. Using his business expertise, he has managed to innovate solutions that have aided the brand in its tremendous growth. Before taking over as the Nationwide Financial Sales President, various enterprises were lucky to have shared his knowledge. he worked for a couple of companies before his time at NFS. Mutual life insurance, Citicorp investment services, and Money Securities Corp are some of the corporations David Giertz has worked with. Hard work and passion for excellence have propelled him up the corporate ladder.

Giertz has excelled in the many professional examinations that he has undertaken. He has grown to be a confident advisor on investment and portfolio management matters. WABC has accredited him due to his achievement. His financial education has helped many individuals organize their retirement plans. Nowadays people can reach him for business advice through his social media platforms.

David Giertz has always advocated for the need to seek social security advice from financial advisors. He is disappointed that many financial consultants are not comfortable discussing social security and retirement plans with their clients.

The successful entrepreneur persists that retirees have the liberty to enjoy some of their retirement fortunes. He believes that when creating a savings plan, a few dollars should be set aside for a few luxuries that life offers. FINRA accredited David Giertz as a stockbroker.


Eli Gershkovitch is a famous businessman, CEO at Steam Works Brewery, a pilot, and a lawyer. He was born on July 4, 1945. Mr. Gershkovitch graduated from University of Toronto’s law school. He is a very hardworking and focused man whose casual side likes to appreciates freedom. Learn more about Eli Gershkovitch at Crunchbase.

Mr. Gershkovitch took an interest in the brewing industry when he visited Europe in the year 1987. It was then that he had a taste of one of Belgian beer and decided that he wanted to make something great. He toured other breweries and was pretty much intrigued by the manufacturing processes and how to make sales directly. That’s when he decided to venture into this brewing industry. Being a lawyer, he knew more about the liquor licensing. Mr. Gershkovitch conducted his research very well and found an ideal place in Gastown to open his brewpub. This location was more of his lucky spot because it was a landmark that used steam heat system. Therefore, it became favorable to him as a source of energy during production.

Eli Gershkovitch brewery had a unique and delicious flavor which was favorable to many people. It gained a new popularity in the market making the sales hike, and in the long run, it led to the expansion of his business. In 2006, Mr. Eli gained ownership of the Cascadia trademark. He runs the company alone and believes if you grow to meet your demands well the demands will eventually shrink to meet you.

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Some of the other types of Canada craft beers that are booming in the market include the propeller IPA that is made by the propeller brewing company and bears a smooth, strong, caramel flavor. Second, the Pump house blueberry from pump house breweries which is lightly hoppy and smells like blueberry muffins and last but not least, La Fin Du Monde from Unibroue which has a spicy and fruity taste. These are some of the most considered beers in the market by consumers. Follow Eli Gershkovitch’s profile on

Felipe Montoro Jens Likes To Promote Public-Private Partnerships

Felipe Montoro Jens is an infrastructure projects expert. He was present when the mayor of Porto Alegre, Nelson Marchezan Júnior, discussed various Public-Private Partnerships and Concessions with the Management Council of the Municipal Program of Partnerships.

This was where several issues were discussed. These included public lighting and sanitation projects, besides the Guaíba Water Park, and Public Market. Next was the issue of bidding for the concession of public clocks, and the construction for the Hospital Materno Infantil Presidente Vargas.

In this way, the mayor of the capital of Rio Grande do Sul stated that the government is seeking partnerships with private initiative in order to accelerate the drive to the future.

In fact, Nelson Marchezan has conveyed that PPP will also help in overcoming this financial crisis which Brazil is facing today. This is why he wants the PPPs to be implemented in as many municipal administration areas as possible.

The mayor has taken the first step towards modernizing the public administration by signing Decree 19736 in May. This establishes the Municipal Program Partnerships (PROPAR / POA) as well as the Program Management Board Partnerships (CGP). Felipe Montoro Jens has further stated that CGP will be an organ of governance that will be actively transparent for projects. All these will be structured on the modalities of PPPs as well as Concessions. In this way, it would guarantee correct public supervision on all of these projects. The Council will remain as a superior body that will have a normative as well as deliberative nature. This will take charge of planning as well as execution, of these Concessions and Public-Private Partnerships. This will be done by defining conditions for including projects in the PROPAR / POA. It will also approve the public announcements being called, the Concession projects as well as PPPs; and evaluate reports on their implementation.

Inmate’s Lifestyle Improvements

On April 14, 2015, Securus Technologies announced its transaction on the acquisition of JPay Inc. According to Rick Smith, Securus Technologies’ CEO, this deal will put his organization into the quickest growing corrections segment. The partnership of Securus and JPay will lead to the creation of money transfer coverage of prisoners and production of consumer items to a captive market. This strategy will be enabled by the Miramar-located technology enterprise whose specialty is in the provision of electronic payment services to correctional facilities. Additionally, JPay offers entertainment and educational applications as well as email for prison communication and learning. JPay will be convenient in spearheading Securus Technologies due to its expansive workforce. The organization has 225 workers and carries operations in 33 state prisons.Rick Smith’s interest to possess JPay was motivated by the company’s progress in serving inmates.

Since JPay’s founding in 2002, the company has evolved and incorporated digital platform in its systems. At the moment, inmates can access books, games, and music and email services courtesy of JPay’s inmate clouds, tablets, and kiosks. In Ryan Shapiro’s opinion, JPay will have support in its pursuit to augment products and make prisons more efficient and safer. JPay’s Chief Executive Officer postulates that Securus will help it achieve its vision of transitioning inmates into viable and responsible citizens once they are released. Securus’ exposure in North America will supplement the two leaders’ intents. With Securus Technologies operations in over 2,600 correctional agencies and public safety initiatives, the positive transformation will be positively felt in the corrections sector.Under Rick Smith’s guidance, Securus focuses on curbing incarceration crimes committed by inmates.

Rick Smith thus assesses Securus’ success by reviewing positive comments on the company’s emails. According to various studies, reporters have been able to source out emails and produce blogs regarding the organization. Most emails are hope-related and focus on making cases of inmate incarceration safer by providing suitable alternatives. The emails suggest that Rick Smith’s ventures equate to sophisticated investments. The people regard Securus interests as best suited for the people regarding crime prevention and safety.Before working at Securus Technologies, Rick Smith served at Eschelon Telecom Inc as the company’s Head. After three years, Mr. Smith was promoted to the firm’s Chief Executive Officer. Rick Smith also worked at Frontier Corp. During his term in that company, Rick Smith played various roles including being the chief information officer and the organization’s controller. He inputted Frontier Corp. with a huge workforce of employers from 1972 to 1998. Smith’s expansive knowledge is attributed to his educational experience. He attended Rochester Institute of Technology and New York State University. Rick Smith successfully graduated from both the institutions having acquired his knowledge.

George Soros in the spotlight again

George Soros is an intereting individual when it comes to his involvement in the Democratic party. There was a time when he was considered the deep pockets the party needed in order to win a campaign. Like Warren Buffett, he stook out in the landscape of billionaire businessmen because he had a liberal bent to his politics. This made him somewhat of a rockstar, even as he usually sought to fade into the background. It wasn’t that Soros was doing anything untoward, he simply wasn’t someone who really enjoyed the spotlight.

Then, suddenly, Soros appeared to have really faded into the background. The money stopped coming into liberal candidates. The money stopped coming into liberal causes. People wondered if there hadn’t been a change of heart after being let down by too many causes or too many candidates. It turned out one of the richest men in the world was simply keeping his head down for a bit. Read his profile at Forbes.

In 2016, it appeared George Soros has officially walked to the front of the stage and announced his presence. Soros not only started giving money to people and problems he wanted to fix, he started giving money in sums that blew away what people had expected to see. Last year, Politico reported he gave more than $25 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

It’s possible at least part of the reason he gave so much is because of who she was going up against. Soros must have realized that having a president Trump in the White House was not going to be good for the many subjects he’s feel passionately about. Let alone what a Trump presidency was going to do to the country he called home.

Soros was so engaged in the presidential race, there had even been talk he was going to be making an appearance at the Democratic National Committee in July of 2016. Despite being a liberal lion for decades, this appearance would have marked his first at such an event.

The billionaire ended up not attending because he has also just recently gotten back into actively trading. He felt that his attention should be focused on a situation that was forming in Europe. Politics is far from the only thing he wants to do when it comes to his liberal causes.

George Soros has also given a reported $33 million in the last year to groups that have emboldened activists in places like Ferguson, Missouri. The Washington Times says there are plenty of people who credit Soros with getting an activist movement in that area off the ground. It appears that as long as he supports the cause, George Soros is perfectly comfortable once again in using his money to speak for him. Read more on

Nobody Bosses Like Brian Bonar

What is more interesting than a professional businessman who knows all there is to know about the world of finance? The answer is a businessman who knows it all and has it all to back things up just a little bit. Who do you need to know, if you just so happen to be looking for a guy like that? Well for starters, you can feel good about meeting a money man and extraordinary leader named Brian Bonar.At the moment, which is most likely going to last for a while, he is the chairman and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Trucept Inc. This makes since as he has experience in starting and running his own business ventures, namely Bezier Systems. Of course, there are other names on the list of business to have benefited from the profits of his service. These experiences include his procurement management for IBM and being a director of engineering for QMS. The name Dalrada Financial Corporation is also on that list.

When it comes to Brian’s skill set and the foundation on which he bases his practice, he serves in the finance field with a focus on mergers and acquisitions. He is not just the average or ordinary ladder-climbing business mogul, he actually has a personality that enjoys helping and meeting the needs of his clients and colleagues. This personality shines and assists others so much so that he is on record with Who’s Who in America, since 2000.Actually, that accolade is not a big deal. When considering some of the other things that businesses are able to achieve when they have one Mr. Bonar on the team, it seems kind of quaint. For example, Bezier is a well-known pioneer in the world of commerce, for being the first to design, manufacture and sell SCSI (Small Standard Computer Interface) printers. Producing work product like this is something that one picks up along the way, when they have the prowess to manage 100 men or more while successfully completing projects on time, over and over again. He can speak to doing just that.

And, even though all of these climbs and leaps to the summit of professional security might seem most outstanding, they can all be traced back to a point in this man’s life where he decided to work smart and hard. Hence, he has a Bachelor’s Degree in technical Engineering from Watt Technical College. Furthermore, there is also a Masters in Mechanical Engineering within is his foundation.The real bottom line is that Brian Boar’s strength comes from his natural talents. In his own right, he is a mechanical marvel. And, when he crosses over these innate insights onto commercial concepts, the results are products and services that change the way other establishments operate and it turns whatever team he leads into cutting-edge competition.

David McDonald’s Legacy In OSI Group

David McDonald has spent much of his career time at OSI Group. Since joining the giant food processor in 1987, he has helped it to expand and grow its profit margins at a very fast pace. Mr. McDonald first worked as the project manager of OSI Industries, after which he rose through various ranks to become the President and Chief Operating Officer at OSI Group, LLC.

Mr. David McDonald earned a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University. Apart from his leadership role at OSI Group, he also, serves at Marfrig Global Foods S.A. as an Independent Director. He holds other positions as Director of OSI International Foods (Australia) Pty Limited and Member of OSI Group’s board of directors.

In 2016, OSI Group head by David McDonald made a major announcement of acquiring Baho Foods. The move was aimed at widening the company’s portfolio at the same time gave the company an opportunity to further expand its operations in Europe. Baho Food mainly manufactures snacks, deli meats and convenience foods. While giving his remarks about the purchase, David McDonald said that Baho Food products would be crucial in supporting OSI Group to meet the demanding need of Europe customers. He also termed the move as strategic in helping the company to increase its processing capacity at the same time provide an opportunity to serve 18 more countries.

In the past year, the company also released its Global Sustainability Report. In his statement, David McDonald outline the measures the company had put in place to promote sustainable and responsible business practices through empowering communities and sustaining environmental resource. In addition, the head of the company stated that, the firm is committed in improving the lives of its employee, which will have a positive impact on the company’s efficiency.

Mr. David McDonald OSI Group has also gained legacy in helping OSI Group strengthen its footing in China. The company has had operations in China for over two decades where it operates eight factories. OSI Group is also in the processing of adding two more factories in the country. This is due to the development agenda brought forward by the leadership.