How Securus Technologies Kept Our Prison Safe

When I have to show up for work at the local prison, I know that I am going to be taking my life in my own hands because the inmates would love a shot at hurting me. These inmates have become more violent in recent years towards authority, and overcrowded conditions only worsen the situation. Gangs in the jail have no respect for officers, so in order to maintain a sense of order we have to resort to making use of some of the latest technological advances designed to keeping officers safe in jails.


When we started to see the violence escalate in our jail, we knew that we needed to make changes. We were still using a call monitoring system that required officers to sit inside a call center and listen to the inmates on the jail phones. That has been taking away resources that could be deployed on the grounds to maintain order. When we sat down with Securus Technologies to discuss their updated version of the call monitoring system, we knew we struck pay dirt. The new system does it all by way of the LBS software, being able to scan every call the inmates make and alert us if certain terms are being used.


Securus Technologies is already making the lives of officers easier around the country, having this same system in 2,500 jails and counting. The employees of Securus Technologies are all working hard to make sure the world is a safer place to live. To give you a few examples of how the new monitoring system has been making our facility safer, check out these instances. The monitoring system alerted us when inmates were talking about hiding weapons, selling drugs in the yard, and even planning to meet up with family in the guest center to get some contraband.


ClassDojo is Used by Teachers and Families Around the World

ClassDojo is an app that parents and teachers utilize to collaborate on their child’s education. Teachers can send pictures, texts, and information regarding important moments within the school day, and parents get to see exactly what their child is learning throughout the day with the use of ClassDojo. Through the use of the app, parents can be a part of their child’s every day experience at school. Parents are also given access to content that is original and useful in teaching important social-emotional skills their child could benefit from long term. The original video’s, Growth Mindset and Empathy, have been viewed by one in every three kids, between the ages of five and fourteen, in the US.

ClassDojo has a mission in place to transform the educational experience for families around the world. They would like to see their app being used in every classroom, so that teachers can easily connect with the parents of the children they are educating. ClassDojo doesn’t want to create an ideal classroom, but a place where parents can become informed and motivated by their child’s teacher to participate in their child’s learning. They believe good things can come from everyone working together for the educational benefit of the children.

Many teachers are already using the app to build relationships between their classroom instruction and the parents of the children they are interacting with and teaching every single day. ClassDojo is currently being used in over 180 countries, and 90 percent of K-8 schools in the US are using the app to connect with parents. Using the app worldwide is easy, because the app can be translated into most languages. The creators of ClassDojo have received many awards since creating the educational app, such as, the Education Innovation Award – 2011, 35 Most Innovative Apps of the Year – 2016, and many more.