Bob Reina Adds to the WebRTC Technology

Bob Reina is now celebrating his latest achievement with his WebRTC technology. Reina made the big announcement during a video-conference with his team. An updated interface is just one of the most basic improvements, but it does make it easier for anyone to use. Live Meetings, is a program that allows for one-way video conferencing for individuals or the commercial user. Additionally, those who use the program now can add up to 15 hosts and more than 500 participants.

There are also some major enhancements to the program including bypassing downloads for the purpose of recording. Participants on the conference can now access recording through their browsers, saving valuable space and enhancing the security that has been built into their computer. Talk Fusion has continued to not impress new users, but it has also impacted those who have already used Live Meetings. Video feeds are smoother, and a quick video call is now super simple. Reina believes that there is no one out there who can match what they offer with their technology, regardless of how similar it may be. Those who use this software can open up any modern browser and use it for voice communications which is huge for the average user.

Talk Fusion has produced products that are anything but average, and that was the original mission of Bob Reina when he started the company in 2007. Reina has often been regarded for his vision to help others, and to help them achieve their goals in their personal lives and in their business. Striving for the best, Reina was recently featured as a guest author when writing for MarTech Advisor. His appetite for looking to the future has served him well, causing the world of technology to view him as a forward thinker.

Reina’s big push, and the very foundation of his company is no doubt found in his promotion of using video as the very center of all marketing endeavors. It is not unusual that video marketing would be viewed as a primary way of running a campaign or reaching your target audience. This is just one of the many reasons that Reina has become so successful with his company and why his team is so dedicated to keeping up with market trends. Learn more:┬á

Talk Fusion was the first company to produce an all-in-one video solution. They are focused on serving the customers, and they have chosen to do with a person-to-person marketing model. Additionally, Reina himself is committed to giving back, through a number of non-profit organizations around the world.