Paul Mampilly Is Proven Right AboutBitcoin

According to investing expert Paul Mampilly, many comparisons can be made between the late 1990s and now. The common factor is the existence of a bubble. Yes, Paul Mampilly is talking about Bitcoin. He thinks that Bitcoin is a bubble that is bound to burst.

Paul Mampilly says that we all need to take a lesson from the stock market in the 1990s. This was also known as the dotcom bubble. It was called the dotcom mania because new companies were sprouting up in the internet and technology industries. Some stocks were up by more than a thousand percent, while others were up by over two thousand percent. A lot of people were going crazy trying to buy stocks, thinking that they would continue to go up. However, that is not what happened. Instead, although the prices of the stocks rose initially, they soon went down again. People who had invested a lot of money lost all of their money. There was nothing they could do about it at that point because the prices never rose again.

Paul Mampilly explains that such is the nature of a bubble. It is called a bubble because a bubble cannot continue getting big forever. At some point, it will burst. The same goes for stocks that continue to rise for no reason other than the frenzy that surrounds them. When it comes to those stocks, they will soon go down, because they cannot sustain such incredible growth rates for so long.

Paul Mampilly says that Bitcoin is going to go down as well. In fact, it has already gone down by around ten thousand dollars. The truth is that Paul Mampilly predicted this fall when the price of Bitcoin was at its peak. Paul knew what was going to happen, and he was proven right. In fact, nobody should be surprised if the price of Bitcoin continues to go down.

At the time, Paul warned that Bitcoin will crash and that nobody should invest in it. Those who disregarded his warnings and invested money lost it by around fifty percent.

Paul Mampilly is an author at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is the head of Capuchin Consulting and focuses on helping the average American with Wall Street investing. He has helped dozens of thousands of people make smart investments and become successful.

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Ensuring The Future with Agora Financial

Agora Financial is a company that has been giving financial advice to consumers for more than twenty-five years. The company offers a wide array of services in order to help their clients protect their wealth for future generations. Agora Financial offers many online tools for readers to use to help them make the best decision when it comes to growing their wealth. Agora Financial has over twenty newsletters. Each newsletter deals with a single aspect of the financial markets. These newsletters are designed to help the more than one million readers figure out how to navigate the market in good and bad times.

One investor, in particular, is a dentist named Bob who wants to make sure that he has enough money for his golden years.Bob is a smart fellow who wants to make sure that his investments work for him and not a hotshot broker wanting to make a quick buck. The advisers at Agora Financial can help Bob find the newest opportunities before they hit the mainstream market. Bob can invest early in new ideas and watch his wealth grow. Agora Financial spends more than one million dollars on research costs alone.

They will go around the world to find the latest investments for Bob to look at.The advisors at Agora Financial can help clients get through rough times as well. One example is the mortgage crisis. Agora Financial experts predicted the bust four years before it happened. That way investors could protect their money before the fallout began.With the help of Agora Financial, Bob can rest easy knowing that he has the money for things he needs to pay for and have enough money left in order to enjoy his retirement. This is the way it was meant to be and Bob couldn’t be happier.

The Success Story of Highland Capital Korea in Health Funds

It is not new that the affiliates of Highland Capital Management, a premier investment management firm based in Dallas, is making financial success stories around the world. However, the recent feat of Highland Capital Korea was quite different and raised the eyebrows of everyone with the size of the fund and the premium client. It closed a private equity fund of size $147 million in the case of total capital commitments. Interestingly, it was a healthcare-focused fund anchored by National Pension Service or NPS of South Korea. Read more at

The institution was founded in the year 1988, and it is currently valued approximately at $499.8 billion by the industry estimates. The investors who are collaborating in the Highland fund have objectives such as options for co-investment to achieve their strategic goals in different countries such as China, Korea, and the U.S., apart from investment returns. Highland has announced that it is going to work with Stonebridge Capital, a Korean venture capital and equity firm, and it will co-manage the fund. Interestingly, the fund is a landmark for Highland as it marks the first healthcare equity fund in the private sector Asia.

The firm was fully focusing into multi-purpose or direct basis funds until recently. The managing director of the equity group of Highland, Carl Moore, confirmed that the strategy of the fund is clearly aligned to the core capabilities of Highland Capital, and it draws the expertise of the firm in the healthcare sector. He continued that the healthcare is the most prominent sector the company showcases exposure and as many as 50% of its more than 15 years of track record is in private healthcare equities. With the fund, the firm plans to target middle market companies in the healthcare sector of Asia and North America. Read this article at

As of May 2017, the firm accounts over $1.5 billion assets in healthcare under its management with multiple fund structures and asset classes. The company thinks that the challenges in the U.S. healthcare industry are largely affecting the middle market. At the same time, the improving healthcare access of Asian countries provides better utilization and demand for complex solutions from both consumers and government. All these factors significantly contribute as opportunities to the investors in the healthcare industry.