JHSF and its CEO Jos Auriemo Neto Define the Brazils High Income Real Estate Sector

JHSF, the leading developer in high-end Brazil, defines the high-income real estate sector of the country. Its Chief Executive Officer, José Auriemo Neto, helped the firm to achieve the top notch position with thoughtful leadership, creative ideas, and brilliant market strategies. The real estate company, which is headquartered in São Paulo, has residential, commercial, and retail projects considering the diverse demands of the largest economy in South America. Since the firm founded in 1972, it was looking for new markets and areas with the qualities it nurtured in its DNA: innovation, pioneering, quality, daring, and capacity to introduce sustainable solutions in all its projects and developments.

The firm expanded across the major cities in Brazil in a quick span of time. Today, the developer operates under four business units, namely, Developments, Malls, an executive airport in São Paulo, and Fasano brand restaurants and hotels. JHSF effectively utilized the momentum of the highly-growing economy of the country and betted on its own strengths to showcase excellent financial results and growth-data in the recent years. While coming to the shopping malls, Shopping Cidade Jardim in São Paulo has natural lighting, stores with lush greenery and gardens, and more. It is also considered as the first sustainable shopping mall in the country. While coming to the Developments, it has developed more than ten world-class residential apartment buildings, including Vitra in São Paulo. It should be noted that Worth magazine, in 2012, listed Vitra as one of the best ten residential apartments in the world. Click here to know more about JHSF.

José Auriemo Neto is also serving as the Chairman of JHSF, and he oversees the firm’s various development projects, growth strategy, retail and shopping operations, and more. He also played an active role in expanding the company’s business operations beyond Brazilian soil. It should be noted that the firm currently has operations in the U.S. and Uruguay as well.

Neto helped the company to establish both shopping mall and hotel business units. In 1998, he worked on Shopping Santa Cruz – the first shopping mall from the firm – including its rights for development and project supervision. Neto also helped JHSF to establish a parking lot management company – Parkbeam.