Eli Gershkovitch is a famous businessman, CEO at Steam Works Brewery, a pilot, and a lawyer. He was born on July 4, 1945. Mr. Gershkovitch graduated from University of Toronto’s law school. He is a very hardworking and focused man whose casual side likes to appreciates freedom. Learn more about Eli Gershkovitch at Crunchbase.

Mr. Gershkovitch took an interest in the brewing industry when he visited Europe in the year 1987. It was then that he had a taste of one of Belgian beer and decided that he wanted to make something great. He toured other breweries and was pretty much intrigued by the manufacturing processes and how to make sales directly. That’s when he decided to venture into this brewing industry. Being a lawyer, he knew more about the liquor licensing. Mr. Gershkovitch conducted his research very well and found an ideal place in Gastown to open his brewpub. This location was more of his lucky spot because it was a landmark that used steam heat system. Therefore, it became favorable to him as a source of energy during production.

Eli Gershkovitch brewery had a unique and delicious flavor which was favorable to many people. It gained a new popularity in the market making the sales hike, and in the long run, it led to the expansion of his business. In 2006, Mr. Eli gained ownership of the Cascadia trademark. He runs the company alone and believes if you grow to meet your demands well the demands will eventually shrink to meet you.

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Some of the other types of Canada craft beers that are booming in the market include the propeller IPA that is made by the propeller brewing company and bears a smooth, strong, caramel flavor. Second, the Pump house blueberry from pump house breweries which is lightly hoppy and smells like blueberry muffins and last but not least, La Fin Du Monde from Unibroue which has a spicy and fruity taste. These are some of the most considered beers in the market by consumers. Follow Eli Gershkovitch’s profile on twitter.com.