Felipe Montoro Jens Likes To Promote Public-Private Partnerships

Felipe Montoro Jens is an infrastructure projects expert. He was present when the mayor of Porto Alegre, Nelson Marchezan Júnior, discussed various Public-Private Partnerships and Concessions with the Management Council of the Municipal Program of Partnerships.

This was where several issues were discussed. These included public lighting and sanitation projects, besides the Guaíba Water Park, and Public Market. Next was the issue of bidding for the concession of public clocks, and the construction for the Hospital Materno Infantil Presidente Vargas.

In this way, the mayor of the capital of Rio Grande do Sul stated that the government is seeking partnerships with private initiative in order to accelerate the drive to the future.

In fact, Nelson Marchezan has conveyed that PPP will also help in overcoming this financial crisis which Brazil is facing today. This is why he wants the PPPs to be implemented in as many municipal administration areas as possible.

The mayor has taken the first step towards modernizing the public administration by signing Decree 19736 in May. This establishes the Municipal Program Partnerships (PROPAR / POA) as well as the Program Management Board Partnerships (CGP). Felipe Montoro Jens has further stated that CGP will be an organ of governance that will be actively transparent for projects. All these will be structured on the modalities of PPPs as well as Concessions. In this way, it would guarantee correct public supervision on all of these projects. The Council will remain as a superior body that will have a normative as well as deliberative nature. This will take charge of planning as well as execution, of these Concessions and Public-Private Partnerships. This will be done by defining conditions for including projects in the PROPAR / POA. It will also approve the public announcements being called, the Concession projects as well as PPPs; and evaluate reports on their implementation.