George Soros in the spotlight again

George Soros is an intereting individual when it comes to his involvement in the Democratic party. There was a time when he was considered the deep pockets the party needed in order to win a campaign. Like Warren Buffett, he stook out in the landscape of billionaire businessmen because he had a liberal bent to his politics. This made him somewhat of a rockstar, even as he usually sought to fade into the background. It wasn’t that Soros was doing anything untoward, he simply wasn’t someone who really enjoyed the spotlight.

Then, suddenly, Soros appeared to have really faded into the background. The money stopped coming into liberal candidates. The money stopped coming into liberal causes. People wondered if there hadn’t been a change of heart after being let down by too many causes or too many candidates. It turned out one of the richest men in the world was simply keeping his head down for a bit. Read his profile at Forbes.

In 2016, it appeared George Soros has officially walked to the front of the stage and announced his presence. Soros not only started giving money to people and problems he wanted to fix, he started giving money in sums that blew away what people had expected to see. Last year, Politico reported he gave more than $25 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

It’s possible at least part of the reason he gave so much is because of who she was going up against. Soros must have realized that having a president Trump in the White House was not going to be good for the many subjects he’s feel passionately about. Let alone what a Trump presidency was going to do to the country he called home.

Soros was so engaged in the presidential race, there had even been talk he was going to be making an appearance at the Democratic National Committee in July of 2016. Despite being a liberal lion for decades, this appearance would have marked his first at such an event.

The billionaire ended up not attending because he has also just recently gotten back into actively trading. He felt that his attention should be focused on a situation that was forming in Europe. Politics is far from the only thing he wants to do when it comes to his liberal causes.

George Soros has also given a reported $33 million in the last year to groups that have emboldened activists in places like Ferguson, Missouri. The Washington Times says there are plenty of people who credit Soros with getting an activist movement in that area off the ground. It appears that as long as he supports the cause, George Soros is perfectly comfortable once again in using his money to speak for him. Read more on