Honey Birdete Rocks

Honey Birdete is a lingerie brand for the sensual and seductive woman. After a busy day at the work place, a woman wants to feel seductive and impressive to her mate. Even when she has no company, a woman feels seductive and powerful upon wearing the many brands provided by Honey Birdete. These range from gowns to play suits. The lingerie comes in all colors to suit a broad taste.

Eloise Monaghan founded Honey Birdete in Australia some years back. This was the first store of its kind, as no other sensual brand existed in the continent. The positive response by the woman made the brand an immediate success. The high quality and sensuality of the products could explain Honey Burdette’s appeal to the modern woman, who knows exactly what she wants. A woman desires to relax in a seductive outfit in her palace, and that is exactly the feel of the Honey Birdete Lingerie. Moreover, there are also products that a woman can use as her under garments during the day. They are sleek and stylish, attracting many classy women. Testimonials from the women also reveal that the brand gives power to the woman.
The company experienced high success in its sales even from overseas. In the U.S., sales kept growing, and in the last one year, they shot up to 374%, leading to the attendance of the niche market by the company CEO. He decided to set up an e-commerce store in U.S. A. The move is meant to serve the niche better and to expand the client base. The move also provides more advantages to the customers including better delivery terms such as free deliveries for orders over $50. The customers will also return goods faster when they are not satisfied. More than that, there are plans to set up retail stores in the U.S soon.