Lamb Gets The Support Of End Citizens United And Seems To Be Winning

     President Donald Trump must be seeing something ominous in the horizon. By virtue of recent developments, he must be sensing defeat in the forthcoming special elections in the Rust Belt District this coming March. The opponent of his candidate seems to be putting up a fight that could spell his candidate’s defeat. Conor Lamb, the candidate of the Democrats is using a different platform that resonates more with voters than what Rick Saccone of the GOP is using. Lamb is running using the platform of End Citizens United, while Saccone is set on capitalizing on the old system being perpetuated by moneyed sectors.

The former district representative, Tim Murphy, has resigned his post due to a scandal involving a woman who many believed he has committed an extra-marital affair. He reportedly asked the woman to abort her child. A special election is scheduled on March 13 to choose his replacement. Saccone and Lamb are the ones contesting the position. And they are doing it in two markedly different platforms.

Lamb is being supported by the common people including the members of the End Citizens United, while big moneyed individuals and corporations are shouldering the election expenses of Saccone. It appears that Trump is getting afraid of Lamb’s growing support and a looming defeat in the Rust Belt District that he is now doing his best to get Saccone elected through the help of big money.

As a political action committee, End Citizens United wants to reverse the U.S. Supreme Court Decision in 2010 that deregulates the limits of financial support that corporations and other spending groups give to or against a candidate.

ECU, is a political action committee that aims to reverse a 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision that deregulated the limits given to corporate and other spending groups in the amount they could spend for or against a candidate. The group’s president, Tiffany Muller, is supporting Lamb. She explained that Lamb’s purpose in running for the congressional seat is to be the voice of Pennsylvania families who were marginalized by the manipulated political system of the Trump administration.

The members of End Citizens United, according to Muller, are supporting Lamb’s election campaign to fight special interest groups who are financing Saccone’s campaign using their big campaign funds. Lamb himself announced that he does not want the support of big corporations and moneyed spending groups. He also underlined his statement by saying he would not decline the support of rank-and-file employees of which many are members of End Citizens United.

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