JHSF and its CEO Jos Auriemo Neto Define the Brazils High Income Real Estate Sector

JHSF, the leading developer in high-end Brazil, defines the high-income real estate sector of the country. Its Chief Executive Officer, José Auriemo Neto, helped the firm to achieve the top notch position with thoughtful leadership, creative ideas, and brilliant market strategies. The real estate company, which is headquartered in São Paulo, has residential, commercial, and retail projects considering the diverse demands of the largest economy in South America. Since the firm founded in 1972, it was looking for new markets and areas with the qualities it nurtured in its DNA: innovation, pioneering, quality, daring, and capacity to introduce sustainable solutions in all its projects and developments.

The firm expanded across the major cities in Brazil in a quick span of time. Today, the developer operates under four business units, namely, Developments, Malls, an executive airport in São Paulo, and Fasano brand restaurants and hotels. JHSF effectively utilized the momentum of the highly-growing economy of the country and betted on its own strengths to showcase excellent financial results and growth-data in the recent years. While coming to the shopping malls, Shopping Cidade Jardim in São Paulo has natural lighting, stores with lush greenery and gardens, and more. It is also considered as the first sustainable shopping mall in the country. While coming to the Developments, it has developed more than ten world-class residential apartment buildings, including Vitra in São Paulo. It should be noted that Worth magazine, in 2012, listed Vitra as one of the best ten residential apartments in the world. Click here to know more about JHSF.

José Auriemo Neto is also serving as the Chairman of JHSF, and he oversees the firm’s various development projects, growth strategy, retail and shopping operations, and more. He also played an active role in expanding the company’s business operations beyond Brazilian soil. It should be noted that the firm currently has operations in the U.S. and Uruguay as well.

Neto helped the company to establish both shopping mall and hotel business units. In 1998, he worked on Shopping Santa Cruz – the first shopping mall from the firm – including its rights for development and project supervision. Neto also helped JHSF to establish a parking lot management company – Parkbeam.


The Exceptional Strategic Architect Robert Ivy

The Exceptional Strategic Architect Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the Chief Executive Officer as well as the Executive Vice President of the outstanding America Institute of Architects (AIA). Because of his innovative ideas and a perfect record in excellent performance he assumed the position of the Chief Executive Officer of America Institute of Architects in the year 2011.

He joined the University of the South to pursue his Bachelors of Arts in English degree and further upgraded his academics by joining Tulane University to pursue his Masters of Architecture degree. Before he joined the AIA, Robert Ivy worked as the Vice President of the McGraw-Hill Construction. In the year 1996, he was appointed the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record Magazine which he steered to greater heights and made it the most read architectural journal. Under his great leadership at Architect Record, the organization received a number of honors the premier Magazine Journalism Award being one of them. In the year 2010, he was honored by Alpha Rho Chi as a Master Architect.

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The America Institute of Architects has over 250 chapters of networks that are dynamic as well as architectural and design professional membership that is over 90,000 which is so much committed to improve the already built environment. As an innovative and a strategic architect leader, Robert Ivy is strengthening the association through public outreach and advocacy. He is also reinforcing the association through education initiatives which puts its members in the best strategic position to attend to the community and their clients at large in an international era of transformation and challenge. Under the great strategic leadership of Robert Ivy, the American Institute of Architects has greatly transformed since the year 2011 with the intentions of attending to the 21st century profession of architecture. He is strategically placing the association to responsive, influential and proactive organization from its rich bequest. Creating public awareness on the importance and worth of all the architect is one among the chief common goals that he share with the association.

Robert Ivy finds it wise for architects to inter-twin their thoughts with software programmers and he also encourages these architects to try so much and think beyond the construction, building and the design industry which is what their industry deals in. Some of the primary achievements under his great leadership includes; the building of a new infrastructure which is digital-first technology, the launching of public awareness campaign on the Award-winning as well as the improvement of decision-making through the restructuring of AIA leadership and governance skills.

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How To Make Preparations For a Lifeline Screenings

Lifeline Screening takes care of the important screening and testing that you would ordinarily receive at a hospital or a medical testing facility. The reason for such a service is that many people never bother getting to their doctor for checkups until they have symptoms that are pretty bad.

We seem to think that just because there are no symptoms, everything is fine. Most of our life-threatening conditions start out with little to no symptoms at all. Sometimes it is too late to do much about condition that Lifeline Screening could have been discovered early and much could have been done.

The screenings that Lifeline Screening provides are designed to pinpoint possible problems so that you can get to a doctor for treatment if that is indicated. There have been many people who have discovered chronic difficult conditions that they did not even know existed in their bodies.

The screenings are designed to show specific traits that can indicate situations where a person should seek the advice of their doctor. For example ultrasound testing can literally see inside of the human body and can screen for many potentially hazardous conditions. The ultrasound can actually “see” into arteries to watch blood flow, detecting potential blockage. The limited electrocardiograph can detect an irregular heartbeat with can create blood clots causing a stroke. The finger-stick blood test needs only a few drops of blood to create a full lipid blood panel. This tests for cholesterol levels, glucose levels for diabetes, and liver enzyme levels testing or liver disease.

Preparation for the Lifeline screening is important so that the best possible results can be achieved. If you are having a blood test you might be asked to do a 12 hour fast prior to the test. Wear loose-fitting clothing so you will be comfortable during the screenings. You will not be asked to disrobe, but you might be asked to lift your top garment in order to do the ultrasound test for example to learn more about us: https://twitter.com/Life_Line click here.

When you arrive you will be asked to complete paperwork about the basics such as your name, address, zip code, phone, and your doctor’s name. The screenings usually take no longer than an hour and you will receive a full report of the results once you are done.

An Advanced Leap Into Training The Brain To Overcome Depression

The most important factor in dealing with depression is to understand the cause and influences that can cause depression. Every case of depression is individual based and cannot be clumped into any particular group. Therefore, at Neurocore, everyone is an individual, and the cause and treatment of depression are treated on an individual basis.

Understanding the cause of depression, the health of the patient, lifestyle and other influences contributing to the depression state are vital to improving the mental health and resolving depression.

Neurocore performs a variety of treatments designed to treat individuals according to their physical and mental conditions.

Neurocore and the Healthy Brain At Neurocore they treat the entire patient by understanding the depth of the cause of depression and retraining the brain to recognize the symptoms and react properly. The brain functions at various speeds and with brain exercises the brain can be taught to be more productive and improve performance.

Combined Neurofeedback and Heart Rate This is a nonpharmaceutical intervention used in the treatment of depression and anxiety.

Neuroscience is not based on symptoms and behaviors alone. The program is also built on real brain data, and many of our patients have proven brain performance and significant relief from depression. The patient is taught to take control of the symptoms and develop positive feedback while retraining the brain to recognize situations and activities that trigger particular reactions causing depression.

Causes of depression will vary from suffering from low-self-esteem, extreme sadness, and that lasts for at least 2-weeks or more. Symptoms that are present on a daily basis can usually reach a level of depression categorized as a Major Depressive Disorder. Seasons in the calendar can also cause depression. People who live far north will experience gloomy moods because of the long winter seasons, along with people who live in extreme rainy conditions. Add other situational trauma, and you can experience depressive conditions.

Neurocore encompasses all the surrounding circumstances into the causes and treatments of depression, thus treating every patient as an individual with treatment individualized to treat and retrain the brain.

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Inmate’s Lifestyle Improvements

On April 14, 2015, Securus Technologies announced its transaction on the acquisition of JPay Inc. According to Rick Smith, Securus Technologies’ CEO, this deal will put his organization into the quickest growing corrections segment. The partnership of Securus and JPay will lead to the creation of money transfer coverage of prisoners and production of consumer items to a captive market. This strategy will be enabled by the Miramar-located technology enterprise whose specialty is in the provision of electronic payment services to correctional facilities. Additionally, JPay offers entertainment and educational applications as well as email for prison communication and learning. JPay will be convenient in spearheading Securus Technologies due to its expansive workforce. The organization has 225 workers and carries operations in 33 state prisons.Rick Smith’s interest to possess JPay was motivated by the company’s progress in serving inmates.

Since JPay’s founding in 2002, the company has evolved and incorporated digital platform in its systems. At the moment, inmates can access books, games, and music and email services courtesy of JPay’s inmate clouds, tablets, and kiosks. In Ryan Shapiro’s opinion, JPay will have support in its pursuit to augment products and make prisons more efficient and safer. JPay’s Chief Executive Officer postulates that Securus will help it achieve its vision of transitioning inmates into viable and responsible citizens once they are released. Securus’ exposure in North America will supplement the two leaders’ intents. With Securus Technologies operations in over 2,600 correctional agencies and public safety initiatives, the positive transformation will be positively felt in the corrections sector.Under Rick Smith’s guidance, Securus focuses on curbing incarceration crimes committed by inmates.

Rick Smith thus assesses Securus’ success by reviewing positive comments on the company’s emails. According to various studies, reporters have been able to source out emails and produce blogs regarding the organization. Most emails are hope-related and focus on making cases of inmate incarceration safer by providing suitable alternatives. The emails suggest that Rick Smith’s ventures equate to sophisticated investments. The people regard Securus interests as best suited for the people regarding crime prevention and safety.Before working at Securus Technologies, Rick Smith served at Eschelon Telecom Inc as the company’s Head. After three years, Mr. Smith was promoted to the firm’s Chief Executive Officer. Rick Smith also worked at Frontier Corp. During his term in that company, Rick Smith played various roles including being the chief information officer and the organization’s controller. He inputted Frontier Corp. with a huge workforce of employers from 1972 to 1998. Smith’s expansive knowledge is attributed to his educational experience. He attended Rochester Institute of Technology and New York State University. Rick Smith successfully graduated from both the institutions having acquired his knowledge.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Is To Credit For Bradesco’s Success In Modern Times

Few business executives are as influential in Brazilian economic life as the president of a financial institution such as Bradesco. Trabuco has a number of accomplishments under his belt such as large credit operations and some of the largest financial projects in progress in Brazil.

Due to Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s position, his opinions are followed and observed by the main political and business leaders in the country – for this reason, what he says usually becomes a headline in newspapers or on magazine covers. Bradesco has openly stated that it is definitely taking advantage of his powerful influence since Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the company’s CEO. He is leading the second largest private bank in Brazil, which is closely trailing the largest private bank, Itaú-Unibanco. Trabuco is in his 60’s and shows no signs of retiring in the near future.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was the first pick of replacements for Márcio Cypriano, who lead Bradesco as president in the past. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the fourth president at Bradesco since its beginning in 1943. It is important to note that Trabuco is the third president after Amador Aguiar, Bradesco’s founder, and first president. Trabuco deeply understands Bradesco’s corporate culture. He worked for Bradesco for 40 years prior to becoming president and worked his way up the hierarchical and corporate ladder and at the age of 47, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was nominated the vice-president of the group. Prior to being vice-president, Trabuco was involved in private retirement funds and marketing. When Luiz Carlos Trabuco was leading the Insurance branch of the company – Bradesco Seguros, it was what made him gain the company’s attention. His results were quite impressive – Bradesco’s market share went from 23% to 25% and the percentage of financial results of the group’s income went from 26% to 35% while he was heading Bradesco’s insurance branch.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was born in Marilia, São Paulo, which is the same city Amado Aguiar, the founder of Bradesco, is from. Trabuco is married and has three children. He holds a degree in Philosophy from USP (Universidade de São Paulo). Some say that Trabuco holds a resemblance in leadership style to his precursor. Trabuco is known to be discrete and not display wealth in order to not make himself difficult to connect with. Trabuco is also known for his sense of humor as well as his big outgoing smile. He is not a typical banker. Most bankers hold a degree in Business Administration, Economy, Accounting or Engineering, while Luiz Carlos Trabuco holds a degree in Philosophy and has an additional degree in Social-psychology from the School of Sociology and Politics of São Paulo (Escola de Sociologia e Política de São Paulo).

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is considered to be responsible for making Bradesco become a modern bank. This process began to take shape when he was leading the marketing area of Bradesco in the mid-80’s. Trabuco was able to change the bank’s relationship with the media which was not good before his command of the marketing department.

The paradigm established by Amador Aguiar, Bradesco’s founder was shattered by Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Aguiar believed that the bank was to offer the same services to all clients. Trabuco was able to change this and make the bank become segmented, which is a strategy that Bradesco’s main competitors were already doing. Bradesco now offers overdraft protection and even has Bradesco Prime, which features specialized agencies that focus on high-income clients.

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The Brand is Influenced by the Customer, Not the Company for Fabletics

These days, things are getting to where they should be. The world of business is nowhere near the way it used to be. Back then, it was the company that has stated how good a brand was. Now, the company is losing its ability to convince customers. Therefore, it is going to have to prove that it is worth every penny spent on it. For one thing, if customers are saying that the company is providing crappy products, then customers are going to hear about it and then stay away from the company. Therefore, it is more important than ever for a company to back up what it says.


Fabletics is an example of a company that works hard to please its customers. For one thing, it has been founded with an inclination towards creativity in the fashion industry. While other companies are all about providing the same boring designs just at a lower price, Fabletics puts a lot of thought into the products it is going to release. Given that the area of Fabletics is in sportswear, they make sure that they offer something that has a lot of amazing creativity placed on it. When women wear the clothing, they not only feel ready to work out, but they also feel a sense of elegance and confidence about them.


Fabletics helps people enter a world where they have a greater sense of self worth. The clothing they provide goes a long way towards bringing people’s self worth up to a healthy level. However, it is important to the customer that they are getting great value for their money. After all, customers do know when they are being cheated. Even if they don’t, they find out sooner or later. Therefore, it is up to Fabletics and other companies to be upfront about all of their business practices.


One of the best things about the crowd being in control is that it challenges businesses to be more ethical. More companies are realizing that it is very important to treat the customer with respect as if they are equals because disrespect in any fashion will no longer be tolerated.

Ubuntu Fund and Andrew Rolfe Success

The members of Ubuntu Fund and its chairman Mr. Andrew Rolfe had expected to raise a total of $972960. This amount was to be raised during the tenth Ubuntu Fund Gala Dinner. This event is always held on annual basis. The funds collected from this event are used to fund the educational program in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The organization has mega plans such as the building of a pediatric clinic in the school campus. These educational programs while having a positive impact in the community around. This because increasing educational opportunities will be handed to unable children. This program is meant to help those youth who are underprivileged. These youth are supported from the beginning until they get employment.

The chairman of Ubuntu Fund was greatly honored to accommodate over 300 guests in the event. The event was made lively by music performances from Xhosa Choir and delicious foods. There were also two important guests in the event. These guests were successful benefactors of the Ubuntu Funds. Many stories were touchy and inspiring. One of the guests called Sinesipho Rabidyani was among those whose story was touchy. She said she never felt the urge to stay at home because of her father’s drinking spree. This habit never gave her piece, and she was select for the scholarship. With much hard work, she was enrolled into law school. This milestone has made her give the organization credit for her success.

Mr. Andrew Rolfe who is the current chairman of the organization graduated from Oxford University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy, Economics, and Politics. He went head to join Harvard University after completing his degree to obtain Masters in Business Administration. He has received various accolades such as the title of President of The Gap’s International Division. This made him oversee operations in Germany, France, United Kingdom and Japan. The company also went head to appoint him as the strategist of worldwide growth. He has also headed certain organizations, and the knowledge helped him head Gap, Inc. At a certain point, he was the CEO of Pret. This company managed a business in Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York and the United Kingdom.


Matthew Autterson:Businessman And Philanthropist

Matthew Autterson is a 1980 graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in finance. He also completed the graduate tax program of the University of Denver. Autterson then went on to spend the next 25 years working in financial services. His first job was with the Fiserv subsidiary First Trust Corporation. In 1982, he left to work with Resources Trust Company, a new trust company chartered in Colorado. That company was a New York based Integrated Resources Inc. subsidiary. He became president of the company in 1986.

Resources Trust Company grew to become among America’s largest state-chartered depository trust companies under Matthew Autterson’s leadership. He helped it amass more than $1 billion in deposits and custodial assets in excess of $20 billion. SunAmerica, Inc. acquired Resources Trust Company and other Integrated Resources assets in 1989.

After leaving Resources Trust Company, in 2001 he became the managing partner of GL3B Partners Limited, LLP. The privately-owned, member-operated limited partnership company is focused on investing partnership assets in privately-held operating companies, real estate and marketable securities. In total Matthew Autterson has spent over 25 years working in financial services.

Matthew Autterson has very active in the Colorado business community and has a wide range of philanthropic interests. He’s on the Falci Adaptive Biosystems’ board of directors. The non-profit organization works to help people with neuromotor disabilities. Autterson is also on the board of the Webb-Waring Foundation, the Denver Zoological Foundation and the Denver Zoo. He’s also the Denver Hospice board chairman. Over the decades Autterson has played a leadership role on the boards of countless Colorado businesses and organizations.

When the Denver Zoo was trying to raise funds for a children’s carousel, Autterson use his connections in the financial services industry to get Mellon, Dreyfus and Buck affiliates to put in $50,000 and become a Title Sponsor. He also brought in 6 Premier sponsors that each donated $15,000, 7 Benefactor Sponsors that donated $7,500 each and a list of Corporate Sponsors that made $3,000 donations.

When he was younger Matthew Autterson of the World Presidents Organization and the Young Presidents Organization. He has fulfilled the potential he showed all those many years ago. Today Matthew Auuterson is Chief Executive Officer, president and member of the board of the clinical-stage drug development company CNS Bioscience, Inc. Founded by Scott Falci, M.D. in 2013, the company focuses on developing effective treatments for neuropathic pain.


Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance On the Internet of Things

Jason Hope believes in a world that is connected to the internet. This is the invention of the internet of things where everyday objects are connected to give you a seamless life through the web. His idea is based on internet protocol version six that gives rise to numerous IP addresses that make every object connected to the internet gain superior access. Jason Hope’s career has gained the reputation through his involvement in the world of finance. He has also written about the latest technology trends as a commentator and entrepreneur. According to his writings, he calls the internet of things the new wave of technology that will sweep away illiteracy. When the world is interconnected, we will reduce all sources of crimes by more than 60 percent for more info: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/jason-hope#/entity click here.

In the direction of technology, his articles are regarded as prominent in the new direction. According to him, the internet of things refers to a new way to operate our businesses and marketing. The use of interconnected devices will be used to study the way people live and their trends. This information will be used by major technical  companies and businesses an idea of the kind of life a normal person lives. They will also give them an idea of their purchasing trends so that they can maintain and track clients for profitability. According to him, the internet of things will offer a superior level of influence. This will be a major investment for major worldwide companies based in the United States.

As the major players in the United States economy commence on the deployment of the technology, we are looking forward to seeing a new technology that associates itself with the normal lives. More companies will also start keeping up to this pace to track their clients using big data and analytics. The economy of the world will be fueled by such things as one of the convenient options for individuals living in and out of the United States. While it will be the most convenient way for consumers, it will also be the only way forward for the next few years. Major companies will start competing on neutral grounds as opposed to traditional competition.