Kabbalah Centre Studies Help Seekers Find what they Need

Finding what people need is very important when they come to the Kabbalah Centre, and they want to study something that does not have anything to do with any religion. Religion is a very hard thing for people to get into, but studying the spirit of God could help people find what they are looking for in the world. They can sit down to meditate, or they can study something that has nothing to do with any religion at all. Judaism has a branch known as Kabbalah that is all about the mystical virtues of the spirit of God.

The study of the presence of God happens when people are given the chance to sit back and actually think about where they believe God is. They need to know where they think they can find him, and they need to stay there for as long as they can to find something that they can believe in. Everyone is looking for something that will help them live a better life should make sure that they have figured out how they can study. When the Kabbalah Centre was started, it was a place where the Berg family was able to host people who could go farther in their search for spirituality.

Someone who wants to make a change in their life can come to one of the Kabbalah Centre locations to learn something that might change them. Their lives will be a lot different just because they took the time to come to the Kabbalah Centre, and they should consider what they can learn when they get there. There are too many things to learn that people can sit down and enjoy every day in the Centre if that is what they want. The study of Kabbalah will be great for everyone.

for more info: https://www.kabbalah.com/about

Why Gooee Smart Lighting is a Great Choice

One of the most beneficial things you can do for your home is try to lower its energy costs. It is no surprise to most people that having a high electric bill is not out of the ordinary. In fact, you might be used to getting a high electric bill each and every month simply because of the fact that this is something you are used to getting. What you might not realize is that there is an option out there are known as smart lighting that can totally change the way you view the electric in your home so that it can be more energy efficient for you. People who have made use of Gooee’s Smart Lighting have found that the lights in their homework for them as opposed to the other way around and this is exactly what you need as a homeowner looking to become more energy efficient.

For anyone who is looking to get more energy efficient, this is why it is very important for you to consider this as an option for yourself. Smart lighting Works in a variety of different ways and can be exactly what you need when it comes to lowering your energy costs. Not only will it allow you to turn your lights on and off through a smartphone device even if you are miles away from your house, but you will find that you are able to have the light turn off if the room is already well lit. This is going to save you tons of money in the long run and allow you to feel confident knowing that the lights that are in your home are as energy efficient as they can possibly be.

Cone Marshall Sets the Standard in International Tax and Trust Law

Tax and trusts are a particularly complex area of the law that requires a highly specialized skill set. Cone Marshall is a premier international tax and trusts law firm based in Auckland, New Zealand. Partners Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall are experts in all facets of trusts and wealth planning for individuals and corporations. The firm is the only one in New Zealand that practices in this specialty area.

Geoffrey Cone graduated from the University of Otago with a Bachelor of Laws degree and graduate training in taxation, being called to the bar in 1980. He quickly became partner of a well-known firm in Christchurch, where he distinguished himself as a litigator and tax advisor. After several years working as a litigator in the Caribbean, he returned to New Zealand to found Cone Marshall in 1999. As one of the foremost members of the New Zealand legal community, Geoffrey Cone is considered a preeminent expert in New Zealand trust law, taxation, and wealth management.

Karen Marshall is also a graduate of the University of Otago. She started her career in Lodnon, where she was a commercial litigator for a major city firm, quickly rising through the ranks to become partner. After ten years in London, she returned to New Zealand and joined Cone Marshall in 2005, becoming a partner in 2006. She is an expert in advising statutory trustee companies and trustees of charitable trusts, and has managed and directed trusts herself in the role of trustee.

In 2012, Cone wrote an article in which he debunked the common myth that New Zealand had become an offshore tax haven with secret banking. On the contrary, Cone showed that the popularity of New Zealand trusts is due to the stability of New Zealand’s financial and legal institutions. Moreover. New Zealand is a signatory to all of OECD’s tax transparency agreements.

The firm prides itself on its ethics and professionalism. Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall have set the highest standard of service to clients during their decades of service. They believe in maintaining the utmost level of transparency in all transactions and dealings.

Tech Professionals Drive New Trends in NYC Real Estate


One of the prize goals of someone interested in amassing wealth is a new home. A trendy new property in a famous location would be preferred by those in a hip professional. The NYC real estate scene has no shortage of these buyers. Tech savvy young persons are making big inroad – and big buys – in New York City. Those who aren’t buying are renting, and those rental dollars keep the real estate market alive as well.

The goals of these younger buyers are a bit different from the older buyers of a previous generation. The goal of the young, tech savvy professionals is to live a preferred lifestyle. They want the conveniences and comforts of a luxury lifestyle. Hence, they buy luxury properties.

The hipness these tech savvy buyers are attracted to NYC real estate that is convenient to all the wonderful eateries, shops, and hangouts the city is known for. A new boom in the New York market – and other markets – could be possible thanks to the buying habits of these trendy new real estate customers.

Would a decline in the tech market have a negative effect on NYC real estate purchasing? Considering how critical tech and social media endeavors are to the modern business world, these professionals are sure to remain gainfully employed. The NYC real estate market is sure to benefit continually from these professionals’ good fortune.

The best possible broker definitely helps with the cause of getting the best and trendiest selections NYC real estate has to offer. Buyers and sellers frequently turn to TOWN Residential and the professionals the firm staffs. TOWN Residential has been serving the New York market for some time and has assisted scores of clients find highly-preferable property. Tech professionals – and others – should take note.


Lawyers in Brazil: Hiring a Powerful Litigation Lawyer

Are you facing a legal problem in Brazil? Do you want to find a lawyer who can help you resolve the matter effectively and in a timely manner? Perhaps you are aware that Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the most reputable litigation lawyers in Brazil, and can handle complex business disputes and other business related cases.

If you are a business person or corporate executive, it is advisable to hire a good lawyer for all your legal problems. Hiring and working with a lawyer in Brazil is not a difficult task. Even if you have never hired a lawyer before, you can do it easily once you know where to look and what to look for. When you’re starting a business or going through a business problem with a partner or other company, it’s crucial.

There are many resources that can help you find and hire a good lawyer. What should you look for when choosing a lawyer for business matter?

First and foremost, you need to look for someone you trust, and enjoy working with. Referrals are often a great way to find a good lawyer. Also, you can check out online directories of lawyers and legal organizations and agencies that monitor lawyers.

With the right lawyer on your side, you can feel confident you’ve got your legal matter getting resolved. When it comes to choosing a powerful litigation lawyer in Brazil, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is your clear choice.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a successful business and corporate litigation lawyer in Brazil. He has been in practice for many years and has a lot of experience handling business related legal issues. His clients include high profile individuls, business owners, corporations and multinational companies.

Ricardo Tosto advises business clients in a wide range of business and corporate litigation, including issues involving liabilities, contracts, shareholders, disputes, and partnerships. Mr Ricardo Tosto brings his wealth of trial experience and representing organizations and businesses into the courtroom for your benefit. He has earned a great reputation due to his courtroom style and litigation strategies.


Sanjay Shah is a businessperson and the philanthropist. He went to a medicine school where later he realized that was not his passion. Sanjay Shah Denmark quit the medicine carrier and then joined the financial and investment business. Mr. Shah then became an accountant. He worked in different investment banks which include Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse as well as Morgan Stanley. He also worked in Rabobank as head of trading where his job was terminated in the period of the financial crisis in 2009. He decided to begin his company instead of looking for employment. That is how Solo capital market was founded.

Solo Capital is an international boutique financial business located in London and England. The firm is controlled by the United Kingdom and offers services such as consulting and professional sports investment as well as proprietary trading. Mr. Shah is the founder and chief executive officer of Solo capital. He is also the founder of Aesa S.a.r.l Company. Mr. Shah is the owner of the British Virgin Islands Company and Luxembourg as well as Malta and Cayman Islands located in London. He acquired Old Park Lane Capital the natural and institutional resources stockbroker in 2014. He considers himself retired since Solo Capital is bringing more return.

Mr. Shah is the sponsor and founder of Autism Rocks which is a charity event and an invitation-only concert founded in 2014. The organization educates and give donations to autism research. The group aim is to enlighten the societies about autism conditions and the significance of the early research. Autism Rocks fund autism research through supporter’s donations. The donations help in early detection of autism and assess the support services required to assist the patient.

Usha and Shah began Autism Rocks after their son was diagnosed with the condition. Autism is a disease that affects a person communication and experience of the world around them. Their objective was to change the way the society treat those with autism and have the exposure of the disorder to the children affected. The organization hold family events and live concert with famous artist like Tyga and Flo Rida to achieve this objective.

Doe Deere Revolutionizing Cosmetics with Lime Crime

If you are into cosmetics, you must be the type of person who breaks the rules sometimes and not afraid to experiment with color. The brand, Lime Crime refers to such people as true unicorns, brave people who love colors.


The lady behind Lime Crime, Doe Deere is not only an artist but a business woman who was listed as one of the “Most Successful Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs” by Self-Made Magazine. There is no doubt that behind the pretty face is a brilliant mind that focuses on revolutionizing the cosmetic world.

Just like any other young girl, Doe Deere loved colors. But her love for colors was extreme, as she describes on the Lime Crime blog. She would put as much color on herself as possible. Blending wild colors appealed to her even at a young age. She didn’t know that her fondness for color was a potential business idea.


The brand name Lime Crime seems unique but matches the story behind it. Doe Deere used to sell her stuff on eBay before establishing her brand. In 2004, she needed a name for her eBay store to identify with what she sold. The first idea that popped in her mind was ‘limecrime.’ The name reminded her of her favorite color, light green. And so she registered her store as Lime Crime which today stands for color revolution. The little store has now grown to be a well-known and successful cosmetic brand, having storefronts in major retailers like Amazon, and even Doll’s Kill.


Doe Deere describes how amazing it was to see her picture on the cover of Self-Made Magazine together with other successful female entrepreneurs. She maintains that the secret behind her success as an entrepreneur is the love for what she does.


Lime Crime Cosmetics is based in Los Angeles. Its CEO, Doe Deere makes efforts to produce makeup products that are safe for use by all.   For more information, and news updates, check out their official Facebook feed, or the Lime Crime Tumblr for pictures from real users.

Brian Torchin: A Career Consultant In The Medical World

Receiving the services of a career consultant is an important strategy while searching for a job. As a client, you have to research and consider only the best company for your skills.

Brian Torchin, president of Health Care Recruitment Counselors LLC, plays a significant part in this role. He is an accomplished professional in the maturity of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors. If you are in need of a specialist with top notch skills to assist you with applying in the health care profession, then Brian Torchin can assist.

During the years of his career, Torchin has always believed in the business world. He understands that to fulfill the needs of his clients he must build long-term relationships with them. Brian Torchin is a down to earth consultant that will provide clients with solutions and at the same time be attentive to their wishes.

The president of HCRC LLC, spent many years in PA, FL and DE managing medical offices. He has the knowledge and expertise that has led to the development of his services. He spends all his time and means assuring that his 200 clients (located in United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia) are treated with the best care.

Brian has a very busy schedule, yet, he still finds a way to publish new articles on his firm’s blog. Every post will offer the information to assist in hiring physicians, practitioners and excellent employees. Since the beginning of his private firm, he remains to be a key player who applies his methods of consultation, expedience, and guidance.

Hiring a career consultant can be difficult. You want to consider an experienced professional with extensive resources. Which is why it is important to leverage the expertise of Brian Torchin and let him guide you in your new venture.

Brad Reifler Does More Than Just Review Money Monster

Kyle Budwell is the main character in Money Monster, a movie whose premise centers on an epic stock market investment failure. He blames stock investor television show host, Lee Gates, for very bad investment advice. In the middle of one of Gates’ live broadcasts of his show, he is violently taken hostage by Budwell. He threatens to destroy the entire studio with explosives he is carrying. Budwell is enraged at the penury injustice he claims was visited on him by Gates, and further, he seems obsessed with his plan to kill everyone.

The film is highly rated as a very realistic view of the actual problems that many financial analysts now agree are becoming a big problem, especially for the middle-income, smaller fish. Gates is stretched quite thin while struggling to calmly negotiate freedom from the crazed Budwell. The problems with smaller investors being effectively blocked from the really big investments are actually now, finally, being addressed by forward thinkers like Brad Reifler.

Reifler has come up against the Wall Street restrictions that the old-money cronies have hedged up to keep the sweetest deals for themselves. Their world has always been kept to the exclusive area of the elite super rich. When he got just how far it has gone, he became immediately interested in helping the middle-class grow through the most lucrative opportunities available. There are some warnings he gives all his clients, all of which he’s provided on Twitter before. Here are the key three:

  • Traditionally, smaller investors are not allowed access to accredited larger investments.
  • Stock brokers always charge too much.
  • The stocks that are correlated to the stock market are all small investors have access to.

When Reifler started Forefront Capital, his mission statement was basically the complete opposition to these artificial, and discriminatory investment restrictions. Forefront is focused on helping Middle America successfully save investment returns for everyone’s retirement. His company charges no management fees and never offers stocks that are simply correlated into the stock market.  Read more about them on About.me, and be sure to check out where he’s going next by following his career on LinkedIn.

Swiss Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a current entrepreneur who is the founder of the company Swiss Start up Factory. The company he founded specializes in helping businesses get the resources necessary to get established. Before Mike was an entrepreneur he was in the banking industry where he would work with a number of businesses reach their goals. For twenty years Baur was in the banking industry and was therefore able to get a lot of exposure of how businesses operate as well as what they need in order to reach their potential. While his experience in banking was a fulfilling one, Baur decided to become an entrepreneur in order to reach his own potential. Therefore Mike Baur is now running one of the more unique and profitable businesses in Switzerland.

For the first twenty years of his career Mike Baur worked in the banking industry. During his time working in the banking industry, Baur would meet with businesspeople and help them achieve their goals. Mike would talk to entrepreneurs and executives and listen to what they were looking to accomplish. He would then help businesses by evaluating their profitability potential as well as what financial resources they needed in order to start up and/or expand. With this experience, Mike would then come up with his plan to start up a company that offered this very assistance to a number of businesses in Switzerland.

After he worked in the banking industry, Mike would then found his own company called Swiss Start Up Factory. With this company he adopted one of the more unique business models in the world. This business holds an event similar to a contest in which a number of start up companies pitch their ideas to Mike and his company. During this event, Mike decides which business has the best potential and chooses to work with them. Once he begins working with them he will offer guidance, advice and financial assistance to help them achieve their objectives. With this unique business model, Baur and Swiss Start up Factory offer a viable alternative to traditional business banking services.

With his company Swiss Start up Factory Mike Baur has established himself as a leading entrepreneur in Switzerland. His experience in banking has helped him put together a business that will provide lots of assistance and resources for numerous businesses in the country. Therefore Baur and his company have helped shape the Swiss economy.