The Career Of John Bancroft

John Bancroft is a British entrepreneur who lives in Derbyshire County in the United Kingdom. Mr. Bancroft has received several awards during his career. They include the Nottinghamshire County Council’s first ever “Bridge to Work” Award that was given to Bancroft’s company in 1997. This award recognizes the achievements of companies that provide jobs and stimulate economic activity in Nottinhamshire County in England.

Another honor that John Bancroft has received is the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. This was announced during Queen Elizabeth’s 2013 Birthday Honor’s list. This was a great honor for John Bancroft, who had worked so hard and helped so many people in England.

John Bancroft began working for a clothing company called Sketchley Services as a salesman. His position there included being the national sales manager at the firm. It was while working at Sketchley Services, that John Bancroft noticed there was a lack of domestically produced and high quality name badges.

In 1992, John and his wife Vicky created a company they called Badgemaster with their own savings. At first they rented a portacabin and had only one employee to create their name badges. By 1997, Bademaster was a major employer in Nottinghamshire and his company was given an award for creating jobs in an area that had suffered from large unemployment.

Badgemaster currently employers over 80 employees. It has even been hired by the Royal Family of England to create name badges for the Royal Family. Badgemaster currently has a royal warrant of appointment, which is a like a Royal Family business contract.

John Bancroft has expanded his company and created jobs in an area that was under economic decline. In 2014, John Bancroft acquired another badge making company in Scotland. This was the Akorn Badge Company. It was absorbed into Badgemaster of England.