Towering Legacy: Louis Chenevert & UTC

Few businessmen can claim to be as successful as Louis Chenevert, and even fewer actually are. At 6’6″, Chenevert is a titan of manufacturing both in physical presence and professional legacy; a towering figure with a magnetic personality. Simply put, Louis Chenevert has achieved the kind of life–personally and professionaly–that every business school grad dreams of having.

After 14 years of rising through the ranks in the trenches of General Motors, Chenevert received an enticing offer from Pratt & Whitney and within six years became Vice President of Operations. In 2006, Louis Chenevert was offered the position of director, president and chief operations officer of United Technologies Corp. Over the next four years, Chenevert would also serve as CEO and chairman of the board of UTC. After retiring, Louis served on a host of boards and business committees, lending his professional savvy and personal integrity to a variety of professional causes. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Daily Forex Report.

While Louis has a lot to be proud of, his professional success runs much deeper than his resume. In 77 years, UTC has never missed a divident payment, despite being headquartered in the expensive northeast sector of the United States. Between 2003 and 2013–which saw Louis Chenevert’s tenure in a variety of c-suite positions–shareholder value in UTC grew at double the S&P. What readers may not see in that sentence is this: Louis Chenevert took the reins when the Recession was at it’s worst, and UTC shares were trading at a low of $37. Chenevert applied his typical determination and leadership and launched UTC on a trajectory of growth and value that saw shares trading at $85 by April of 2011 (UTX has continued to run bullish and as of writing was over $120/share). Read more on

Louis Chenevert also rejected the massive outsourcing and offshoring that many North American-based companies have engaged in. Contrarily, UTC stayed based in Connecticut, and even increased their dividend payout 10% in 2013. It’s clear to this writer than when Louis Chenevert takes the wheel of a company–no matter what market or geo-financial conditions are–that company has a lot of success to look forward to.